Zooz Zen21 Switch Not Taking Configuration Options

Hi guys! I just updated three of my Zooz Zen21 switches to the latest firmware described here. I’ve had a fourth switch already updated for probably a month now. It seems one of my switches just won’t take any changes to the configuration options. This means I can’t enable the scene controller on the switch. I assume because the options are there that means I updated the zwcfg file correctly for that node. Any ideas why I might be stuck on this one switch? Thanks in advance!

Did you ever figure this out? I am also having the same issue with 4x ZEN21v3 switches. The options are in the UI, so I am sure I configured zwcfg correctly. I see the change reflected in the log. But the settings never work.

Hey, I actually contacted Zooz support and they confirmed the ones I was having issues with we’re version 2.0 which won’t allow for OTA updates. Sorry this probably doesn’t help your situation if your switches are really V3.