Zooz Zen31 - Poor response frequency, can only change every dozens of seconds

Got a Zooz Zen31 zwave LED controller. Got it wired up fine, using ZwaveJS, and it’s showing the expected controls (master, white, red, green, blue channels) and sensors (power, energy, overcurrent, etc).

Problem is: It’s very flakey responding to zwave commands to change color. I have a simple loop in Node Red to change between green and white (fly eagles fly!) every 15 seconds, and it only responds to every 4th or 5th turn_on command. The rest it just seems to ignore. Makes for a very irregular color pattern. Manually selecting a color using the lovelace color wheel also results in the same poor responsiveness.

Checked zwavejs2mqtt debug window, and it’s sending the commands. My Zwave network is pretty robust, so I assume the commands are making it to the Zooz. My guess is the Zooz just can’t process commands that quickly. I’ve experimented with lowering the frequency to changing the color every 30 seconds, no improvement.

Anybody have this same controller and have the same responsiveness issues? Any ideas?

Think I solved this. I excluded the zen31 and re-included it to my zwave network. I made sure to include it NOT secure. It’s appropriately responsive now.

Odd cause I don’t think I’ve ever included any zwave device as secure, but its working now so I won’t think too hard on it.

Hi, mastakebob
could you please share the configuration you have used for the call_service operation inside node_red in order to make zen31 work ?

Hi I_P. Sure, see my NR export here. What this does is it sets the Zen31 to alternate between green and white every 10 seconds. It does this by calling the turn_on service and passing it an RGBW value (defines the color in terms of red/green/blue/white intensities).

You can remove the “Eagles still playing node” as it’s specific to my setup (if you’re curious, it uses the NFL integration to check whether the eagles are currently playing or not; if still playing, it repeats the cycle. if done playing, it turns off the lights and exits).

If you’ve not used node red import before: Simply copy all of the text in that pastebin (starting with [{"id":"40498… and ending with …leGlobalContextStore":true}] ) and then open up your Node Red. In the upper right, click the 3 horizontal bars and then select ‘import’. Paste the long pastebin text into the text box and click ‘import’. That will import my example flow into your Node Red. You’ll need to edit the nodes to use your setup’s names and abilities.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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And here’s a screengrab of the ‘call service’ node to turn on a Zen31 to a certain shade of green. If you don’t wanna deal with importing nodes.