Zooz Zen32 + Smartthings

I just installed a Zen32 scene controller connected to an AeoTec controller (Smartthings). I have a problem with the 4 small buttons and that is they are not showing up in home assistant. I cannot “see” them in SmartThings as individual buttons to press but I can set the up as automations.

I thought this might be due to the fact that I wasn’t using the Nabu Casa so I converted to this communication method but I still cannot see these buttons. Does anyone have any idea’s on how to fix this?

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So to verify you are getting the device into HA by.

The device is connected to SmartThings via the Aeotec hub.
You are using an edge driver that exposes the buttons on the ST side and it works there. (which driver)
SmartThings is connected to HA through the SmartThings cloud integration.

The extra buttons don’t show just the primary?

(I’m almost POSITIVE this is a limitation of the SmartThings integration and what they send on a compound device BTW - and don’t know if you’ll be able to address those buttons with it connected that way.)

Even when connected directly to home assistant via aeotec dongle, they don’t show up as switches. They are scene triggers. I use a automation blueprint to control their actions.

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(exactly where I was going with that…)

St doesn’t push through ZWave events you only get that on direct connect. St has an internlmediary driver between ZWave and ST so the end users only see what the driver pushes

And usually the advanced functions (like ZWave events) don’t make the translation.

Its entirely possible that Kevin (the st driver author for the zooz z32) is capturing the events on st’s side. But even if he’s converting it to a compound device (made of 5 multi press buttons - and compund devices have issues on ST Anyway) I’d bet. Money that’s only going to send through the main button and doubtful any of the multi press events come through.

(read: yet two more reasons to go direct instead of through ST) for ZWave.