Zooz Zen72 allow local control except dimming for smart bulbs


I have a Zooz Zen72 connected to Lumary Wifi ceiling lights. I currently have “Smart bulb mode” enabled on the Zooz Zen72 which disables local control at the switch. This is necessary so that when dimming, power isn’t reduced at the light. Instead when a button is pressed the Zen72 communicates with my HA hub which then commands the light via Wifi.

The problem is there’s a substantial lag when turning the lights on/off. Another problem is if the HA hub is powered off or is unresponsive then one completely loses the ability to turn the lights on or off at the switch.

Is it possible to enable local control of the lights at the switch for only on/off behavior but disable local dimming? This way all dimming commands would still go through the HA Hub and the actual power at the bulb is never reduced which would damage a smart bulb.

Because Zooz Zen72 devices are Zwave, unless you have a ZWave Smart Bulb - No. There is not. If you DO have a Zwave Smart Bulb Yes you can.

Smart Bulbs are not dimmed by reducing line voltage. (and the reason you setup smart bulb mode in the first place) Therefore if your smart switch does not ‘speak’ the same language as you r smart bulb you MUST use an intermediary like HA to communicate. And the perceptible lag you may see is a consequence - no way around it except ensuring your system is operating at tip top shape to reduce that lag.

IF your smart bulb is ZWave however (Yes Zwave smart bulbs increasingly rare animal) you CAN setup Zwave Direct Association and still control the bulb DIRECTLY from the switch. (This is how Smart Bulb mode was designed to work on Zooz and Innovelli devices and why it even exists on those in the first place, BTW)