Zooz ZEN77 triac vs mosfet

The Zooz ZEN77 dimmers have switched to triac leading-edge dimmers:

ZEN72 VS ZEN77: What's the Difference - Zooz Support Center :

Version 3.0 of the ZEN77 (700 series Z-Wave chip) is now a TRIAC dimmer so if your bulbs work better with leading-edge drivers, this model will work better.

The 800 series version of the ZEN77 is also a TRIAC dimmer.

Version 1.0 and 2.0 of the ZEN77 (700 series Z-Wave chip) were MOSFET dimmers so if your bulbs work better with trailing-edge (or reverse-phase) drivers, those versions of the model worked best.

Why We Changed to all TRIAC: We found that newer LED bulbs dimmed better with TRIAC dimmers, and considering limited availability for MOSFETS, we decided to transfer the ZEN77 model to TRIAC as well.

Everything I’ve read in the past is that MOSFET trailing-edge dimmers are better with LEDs.

Does anyone have experience with these new ZEN77’s, or the other triac-based ZEN72’s? I have seen one review that talks about flicker, but also lots of positive ones that indicate no issues, however, it’s nearly impossible to figure out which exact version is being reviewed.

What is a “newer LED bulb” and how do you know if it will work? I see some some lights will list “compatible dimmers” but… it’s really hard to figure out if those dimmers are leading/trailing edge (or forward/reverse phase, or triac/mosfet-driven). Sometimes they say “reverse phase” but they often say nothing beyond “LED compatible”.

I’m willing to buy lights to be compatible with these triac-based Zooz products (since the rest of the house is all Zooz switches, including a ton of 700-series ZEN77’s, and I want to be consistent) but I literally don’t know how to figure out what I can buy to ensure everything works properly.

I’d ask Zooz that question.