Zooz ZSE30 Water Sensor Support

My zwave network accepts it. OZWCP knows it is a flood sensor, but doesn’t know the model type. I’m able to set the sensor off physically with water and see debugging in OZWCP messages that says it was set off. My HomeAssistant console shows the zwave.watersensor_25 entity (zwave device #25), but not a binary_sensor.watersensor_25 id associated with it so I can’t see the status if it detecting water anywhere in the HA web interface. All I can see is the zwave status only, not the binary status.

Any ideas what I’m getting wrong? Or is this sensor just not supported? I don’t know if there is a manual way to create a binary_sensor from zwave.watersensor_25?

If you search the States (<>) list for _25, do you see any other entity IDs?

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Just that one. But after a full day of excluding and including since this time yesterday… a binary sensor just showed up for 25. I let it sit for hours and it didn’t show up before. Really odd. I didn’t do anything new to make it show up.

Is it battery powered? If yes, it could take a few cycles to be added if it needs to wake up a few times. Normally whatever button you press to pair it, can wake it up, so it gets added more quickly…

Yes, it is. I tried that trick with no luck. It also didn’t update all night, which was weird.

When you are adding devices, you should tail the OZW_log.txt file to see any activity by that device to see what it is doing, so you understand what’s up…

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