Zooz ZSE33

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Anyone have any luck getting a profile setup that works for this? It said it was supported by Open Z-wave but that doesn’t seem to be true.


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Profile was added to Open Z-Wave if anyone was interested.

Old post, but any information/suggestions on inclusion of this device in the HA network would be appreciated. I’ve attempted the manufactures instructions of pressing the z wave button three times rapidly, but HA does not discover it. I’ve also attempted to send the exclusion command first, prior to manual inclusion without any progress. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

I have this working on my system by following the inclusion instructions. In order to get it to either chime or ring you will need to play around with the zwave settings.

Thanks Maaniac… The factory reset is not well documented on this device. I discovered that holding the z wave button >30 seconds will initiate a factory reset indicated by flashing red light. I was then able to pair it to the HA hub using the manufactures instructions by pressing the button rapidly three times.