Zooz ZSE40 motion sensor temperature wrong

Hoping someone can help. I have 2 Zooz ZSE40 Z-Wave motion sensors. The temperature on them is reported as 167 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s only about 67 degrees in my house right now. Anyone have any idea what I can do?

I kept getting this with my Zwave trisensors by aeotec. For some reason, every time a reboot helped.

hmmm… Check that out. Just happened to need a reboot for an update. After the reboot temp is showing right.

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Just curious, what version of HA were you using prior to the update, and what version are are you using now?

I just started back with Home assistant the last week in December. So I’ve had no choice but to be on the preceding release if this is their first release in 2022.

I had this issue multiple times. Not because it kept happening but because I kept removing/adding the devices (trying to get battery working properly) and every time I did, it did this. It wasn’t until the last week or so that I realized it was the restarts that were causing them to NOT be 100-ish degrees off.

Ok, “December” is good enough for me. I asked because I thought a fix for this went into a 2021.12 patch, but it landed in 2022.2, so you hopefully won’t see it again.

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Oh good. to know. Yeah I was running 2021.12. I only updated the O/S so far. I’ll need to update the core next.