Zooz ZSE40 MultiSensor sending Detected multiple times on startup

I have a Zooz ZSE 40 MultiSensor tied to a counter, to keep track of the number of times motion was detected. Unfortunately, I’ve found that this particular sensor will send 2 or 3 burglar 0x08 notifications every time I restart HA (and the network does a new query). I have to use this to create a template bianary, since it doesn’t have one itself that works. Has anybody else experienced this? If I weren’t using it for a counter, it wouldn’t be a problem (and probably wouldn’t even have noticed it). Anybody know if this is typical zwave sensor behavior on startup? Logs show it initially setting state to 0x00, which I assume it gets from the previous state cache, then a couple of Detected’s are reported for no apparent reason. While running, it seems to act as you would expect - no false positives.