Zooz ZSE41 successful firmware update

This is a report on how this firmware update went, while it worked there were some anomalies.

HA 2023.9.3
Zwave docker 8.26.0
Aoetec Gen5 v 1.1

Background: as a frequent reader of this forum, I had seen a lot of issues with firmware updates, but recently the noise level has decreased and zwavejs has pushed fixes - so it looks like it may work. Second, I encountered an issue with this sensor which should be fixed in the 1.4 firmware. Third, I had some time so if it went sidewise it wouldn’t be a problem.

Zooz has good instructions for how to do it from HA. After the firmware update they recommend excluding and then including the device. Now if you do that, the node id will change and any entities customizations in HA will be lost. Certainly not ideal, but the device has one sensor.

I decided to do the firmware update directly from zwavejsui because the fewer software pieces in play means less bugs.

  1. I prepared the update in zwavejsui, woke up the device, and hit the ok button to start the process.
  2. The zwavejsui progress indicator quickly went up to 30, then jumped to 60, then went back down to zero, then began moving up much slower. Then jumping down to zero. This continued for a while and was tempted to cancel the update, but I found some patience and kept watching. I also had the device statistics window open so I could see progress reflect in the RX and TX counts. Eventually after many gyrations it got to 99.5, declared it complete and said the device would reboot and be reinterviewed
  3. After logging 10 timeouts, zwavejs said the interview was complete and I saw that the firmware was now being reported as 1.4
  4. Switched over to HA to look at the device, and none of the sensors were available. So I then looked at the data in zwavejsui and confirmed it was responding as the door was opened and closed.
  5. At this point I restarted HA and when it came back up it had the sensors with the correct name, and value, as well as restoring the diagnostic sensors (node status, tx. rx, etc.)
  6. I then tested that the automation which turns a light on when the door opens was fine.
  7. Looking around more I discovered that the configuration in zwavejsui for the device was empty. So I pressed refresh and woke the device up which fetched itI also noticed that the device wake-up interval had changed so I reset that to 14400 and woke the device up again.

Net is there are some bugs is zwavejs to refresh all the items and an issue in HA in rebinding the sensors. This is likely why Zooz recommends and exclude and include as that would create all new entries.

If I was to do this again. I’d shutdown HA first and restart it only after I have the device updated and all items refreshed.


I just updated 6 of my ZSE41’s and they all updated without any issue. Normal update progress bar, no re-interview. All I did was wake the sensor back up after the updated completed and tested it. All entities seem to update and work properly.

I have a 7th ZSE41 in the shed, which is taking forever to update (coverage is not good out there)…

Home Assistant 2023.10.3 
Supervisor 2023.10.0 
Operating System 11.0 
Frontend 20231005.0 - latest
zwave-js-ui: 9.1.2
zwave-js: 12.0.4
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