Zooz zse43 issues with Home Assistant

Hi all,

I feel I’m missing something, I have a Zwave network in my HA setup with approximately 50 devices with most of them acting as relays (few only battery powered), I have different vendors mixing Aeotec, Fibaro, Qubino etc… and no issues so far with these!

Recently I purchased a Zooz tilt sensor (ZSE43) and the first Zwave inclusion went fine and every was great for few days, after few days, the sensor was not reporting anymore even after manual wakeups.
I worked with the seller to return it with the warranty and got a new Zooz tilt sensor in exchange.
I was not even able to join it to my network even after multiple tries.

Then I switched to Zwave2mqtt (from native HA zwaveJS) which worked fine for all my other devices and suddenly I was able to join the Zooz to my network and it worked for like 24hours after which again it started not to report the status anymore.

I’m starting to think: what’s wrong with me…??

Are you also having good or bad experience with this device?

I just returned it back to my seller to get a refund, their support was not able to help me to make it work so far.

Thank you!

I’m wondering how far the device was from the coordinator and the nearest repeater. Your description sounds like a signal issue. (yes you can have one with 50 repeating devices if comms are otherwise hindered I have 78 and still have issues in one particular spot of the house.)

And MQTT is now called JS_UI.

If you’re using a current version of JS_UI what does the map say about that device? (it now has decent troubleshooting tools)

I tried to include the device in the same room as my controller and in anyway, it is only 4 meters from it in “production” state.
I agree that sounded like a network issue but as I said, I have no other issues with this network and this sensor is placed between 4 devices that act as a relay with no walls between. (and just 1 concrete wall between these devices and the controller).