Zooz ZST39 LR 800 Firmware 7.21.3 Fail

Interesting. I wonder if others have found the same thing. May have to try that myself.

Were you able to restore NVM after this downgrade? I get an error about incompatible NVM versions when I try to do that after flashing 7.18.3.

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Backup and restore to the 800 series requires your 800 series have 7.19.3 and higher

Got it, so you went and rebuilt the network with the new firmware? Really want to avoid that.

Where can I check which firmware I have ?

If you are using Z-Wave JS UI, look at the main Node listing and find your controller stick, then look at the values in the FW column.

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In the Z-Wave JS UI control panel it will tell you in the firmware column. In the Z-Wave JS Integration it will tell you when you click on the device.

Thanks… :slight_smile: it never occurred to me to move the JS page to the right .

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No worries - Its easy once you know how, and a total mystery until that point. Like about 90% of the topics in this forum!


I have tried all three versions of the firmware, and I am sick to death of zwave issues with these SL controllers. However I am heavily invested in Zwave devices, so I am looking at alternative solutions. I like the Z-box, except I also have some Zigbee and WiFi devices.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Use a ZWave controller based on the 500 series chip (like gen-5). Those don’t have the issues that the 700 controllers have.

Just to maybe help others, although I don’t think this is really a fix, I assume it just makes the problem less likely to happen. I used a usb extension cable to plug in the zst39 and I have not had it unresponsive yet in the last 24 hours. The day before I did this it happened 5-6 times. Maybe most are already doing this since using an extension was already recommended, but I just setup HA and was holding off to see if it worked okay with out having a doggie hanging off the pi. Things seemed okay for the first day with non secure and S2 devices, but once I added my GoControl garage door openers things went bad. Those are S1 which I have read causes more messaging which probably explains why I hit the issue so much once they were on the Z-wave network. It also seemed more likely to hit after someone opened or closed one of the garage doors even without using HA. I assume from the open close messaging on the sensor.

Edit: I should also add, I also switch from the default Z-wave JS addon, to the UI version, although I doubt this made the difference since I did hit the unresponsive issue after making this switch but before trying the extension cable.

Edit 2: I am on 1.30 firmware.

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I had things working for a while after downgrading back to 7.19.3 with the ZST39, but then started getting controller unable to transmit errors.

ZST39 also has a 7.18.3 firmware version, which others have had luck with, but NVM upload doesn’t work, so no good for those who don’t want to rebuild everything.

I ended up reverting to a ZST10 700 series stick with 7.18.3 firmware, which does allow NVM upload (zwave-js will convert it for you), and also works with LR-mode devices (hidden feature I didn’t know about - although the range isn’t actually enough in my case - mesh non-LR works better). Now all is good again after ~30 mins. Hopefully this is the last swap for me.

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