Zotero Addon & Integration

For those unaware, Zotero is an open-source academic reference management library, primarily used for academic purposes. It stores copies of PDFs and allows for on-the-fly notations as well as generating a .bib file for use in LaTeX. It’s already designed to be self-hosted and auto-syncing between devices, so an integration with Home Assistant just seems like a natural pairing. Such an integration would provide an extra secure place for maintaining such a library and could provide entities that state the person who last contributed to the library, when they did so, and what they contributed (useful if you have contributors other than just yourself).

Stumbled upon this while brainstorming on how to make my personal library smart (using nfc tags in my books that are frequently borrowed and sometimes not returned, uff). Voted!

I’m going to try my own hand at making this soon. If anyone wants to beat me to the punch though, be my guest.