ZSE42 water leak sensor with Z-Wave JS UI & 800 series stick

I am trying to migrate devices from my network on a 700 stick with Z-Wave JS to a new network on an 800 series stick with Z-Wave JS UI.

I have two ZSE42 water leak sensors. I migrated one of them. I then tried to edit the automation for it.
It’s missing the trigger for “Water leak detected became moist”.

As a result, I’m not able to use the sensor with Z-Wave JS UI and my 800 stick.

Is there any workaround ? Is this a bug in Z-Wave JS UI ? Or a problem with the 800 stick ?

Try re-interviewing it.

Thanks. Had to redo it 4 times before the sensor showed up, but it finally did.

I think there’s a bug in the firmware. On first inclusion it reports a wrong sensor type. Re-interviewing corrects that.

Agree, but it takes many attempts. Thanks again for your help.