Zsh: command not found: cec-client

Im trying to add hdmi cec but it always comes out with errors like

zsh: command not found: cec-client

I have a RPI4 OS and when I see others put in a topic or installation but I have a os and the topic or installation says Home Assistant Core or others.

So what im saying is how do I do HDMI-CEC on RPI4 Home Assistant OS 9.5

install ssh & web terminal addon

In the terminal run

apk add libcec4-tools libcec4

I see but every time i can’t use apk so I’ll try

nvm im now getting autodectect failed

Do you have your pi plugged to something that supports hdmi cec?

yes i do. I have a bt tv and a xbox using hdmi cec

The tv im using is a LG TV