ZST10-700 Firmware

Just got confirmation from Zooz that the firmware for the ZST10-700 has been updated from Silicon Labs. I just updated it to 7.17.1 but a bit scared to migrate from my 500 stick back to it. Has anyone done it yet?

Have a look through this HUGE thread on 700 series firmware issues.

I would hold off, I’m running that stick with the updated FW and while it’s a lot better, there are still strange issues going on for me.

My Z-Net (500) is WAY more stable.

Thanks for the update on that.

I am running on a Zooz 500 but have a 700 stick I can use for testing. I updated it but have not tested yet. I almost put the 700 stick into production when I discovered the Issue.

i have been following the updates & my latest theory is that some device firmware may also need to be updated What was seen was likely multiple issues and only some have ben resolved.

Just got this stick to try out. Where do I find this firmware update? It doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the Zooz site?

US Version


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Is this something I should be able to do from ZWave to MQTT? I’m getting:

Error while calling api beginFirmwareUpdate: Node 1 does not support the Command Class Firmware
Update Meta Data! (ZW0302)

I believe you’ll need to use Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio. You’ll need to create an account.

Zooz stick is North America only.

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Using Zwave-JS. Updated firmware to 7.17 on ZST10 700 series. Unfortunately after updating and putting the device back into my NUC the ZWaveJS service did not recognize the new firmware version for the controller and devices were not responsive. After uninstalling and reinstalling the ZWave-JS service all devices were recognized along with the updated firmware version for the controller but now I’m left with manually setting the name for all 91 devices. Is there any way I can avoid having to do this in the future if another firmware update is needed?

This is how I updated the FW on my stick.

  1. Shutdown HA and VM
  2. Using Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio Z-Wave PC Controller (you need to install this inside SS),
  3. Using the OTW Function (Over The Wire), I selected the FW file and updated.
  4. Closed SS
  5. Restarted the HA VM and everything was done, with no connection or naming issues.

Since my Host is Windows (same machine I installed SS on), I didn’t have to move my stick to a windows machine. So that would be the only extra step if the host the stick is plugged into is not Windows.


You are likely using the HA Addon. I use zwavejs2mqtt direct from the original developer. On my test system I updates my Zooz 700 Series stick & zwavejs2mqtt had no issues recognizing it. I did make sure I was running their latest version first, though. The HA addons are, many times, a little behind from the latest releases.

I emailed Zooz and they tell me that their testing shows the new firmware fixes the reported issues. They send me the same (as verified by checksum) file that everyone else is passing around. They didn’t know how to update without Windows, but I found https://github.com/kpine/zwave-js-server-docker/wiki/700-series-Controller-Firmware-Updates-(Linux), and it seems to have worked as expected.

Now if I try the update process again again, the xmodem upload aborts right away. Can someone confirm these two things?

  1. I assume this is because something is recognizing that it it’s already the current version?
  2. In zwave2mqtt, it shows up as version v7.17, not v7.17.1 as I was expecting. Is this normal?

And I guess a third thing, depending on the answers… is there a way to verify what’s on the stick?


The firmware update process won’t let you apply the same version or older, only newer. Z-Wave JS doesn’t show the minor version, so all you’ll see is 7.17. Assuming your stick was on an older version, it appears you upgraded successfully.

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Thanks! That’s good confirmation. I do wish there were a way to specifically verify, but seems good enough.

It is interesting that the upload is failed immediately rather than once complete. Must be something it can very quickly check in the header.

I’m still having issues with network traffic even after update 🤷

I’m curious how those issues manifest, so I can look for the same. Has Zooz tech support been any help?

I have a bunch of smart zigbee bulbs that are in turn controlled by zwave. There is substantial delay when trying to execute any z wave commands. I’ve got 93 devices or so on the network. I initially thought it was a zigbee delay but when I try from the app nearly everything with zigbee is instantaneous. I also have periods where they just don’t respond at all

I strongly suspect some device firmware issues too. Unless they only use Zooz devices on their network Zooz support may not be able to help.

I reached out to Zooz tech support - they just put together an official KB article on this: