Zwave 800 Long Range Not Working

Than it is a VM problem, not a HAOS problem. You still have not said what your VM setup is, but the key here is to introduce the USB stick to your VM environment (and off from the device manager of your Windows OS).

Also, there are other ways to express frustration without resorting to cursing. You have better choices of words to articulate.

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thanks, sorry

usb pass through was my problem


In case someone runs into the same issue, I could not connect any of my devices, only to realize my stick is in US mode frequency. So Flash the EU firmware Zooz OTA Firmware Files - Zooz Support Center

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I would like to mention that this github issue is now closed as the 800 Series Controllers are now fully supported in Node Z-Wave JS. Unfortunately, this does not mean that long range support is available in Home Assistant.

As I understand it, this thread is for a dependency of Z-Wave JS UI, called Node Z-Wave JS. Since the dependency has now been updated, the update will trickle down to Z-Wave JS UI when the author of Z-Wave JS UI next updates it. After this, there needs to be one more trickle down from Z-Wave JS UI to the Z-Wave JS UI Addon for Home Assistant for long range support.

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Zwave long range on home assistant