Zwave Add Hub Button

Why is there an ADD HUB button if you can only run 1 Z-Wave JS add-on? I would like to add a second zwave stick to remove some chatty sensors from my main stick. They are causing delays and sometimes stuff doesn’t work because of them.

Not everyone uses add-ons. The Z-Wave integration communicates over a websocket connection which means you can run as many remote Z-Wave servers as you want.

For add-ons, you can use two controllers, one with Z-Wave JS add-on and a second with Z-Wave JS UI add-on. If you have the technical skills, you can create your own instances of the ZUI add-on and duplicate them for as many as you want.

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Additionally, adding a second controller isn’t likely to solve your problem if traffic congestion is an issue. Since both controllers operate on the same frequency, their CCA algorithm on each device will wait until the same frequency channel is clear before transmitting.

I run multiple copies of Z-WaveJSUI on Windows. All you do is download the exe file and double click on it to run it.

Okay Thanks. I misunderstood Z-Wave JS UI. I thought it was an add on for the regular JS to give you more options. Got it installed and a zooz 700 stick that’s been setting in a box setup. Hopefully the new firmware will fix the dead nodes or its going back into the box and I will order another aeotec gen5+. Haven’t had any problems with it. I have currently 120 devices and hoping that taking the sensors to a new stick will help the dropped messages and delays. Yes I understand that they will use the same frequency but splitting the traffic load between 2 sticks should help the traffic jams of the messages going in and out.

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