Zwave Add on wont generate key

OK Stupid me… I went ahead an update my HA to

  • Core2024.5.3
  • Supervisor2024.05.1
  • Operating System12.3
  • Frontend20240501.1

Stupid me I did when I am away for a while Two installation to different countries. I usually happens Zwave and Insteon integrations need some care after… This ts the one that has virtually no insteon. But relies ons -Zwace. As usual the connections to z-wave diie. When that happens I delete and reinstall Z-wave. and I am back. when I line to the superivsior add one… This time no joy. Not supper crtical that installation is so limited that it’s more toy…but. am trying to learn. When go to let the ad on generate keys as I always did before. no joy. I get this

Thoughts??? beside I should head stayed with Indigo for Dummies