ZWave Aeotec Gen 5 USB Stick

Hello all

i have an installation of home assistant i’m using with a Aeotec Z-Stick gen 5 (ZW090) as a controller.

I have a lot of ZWave devices connected to it, about 40

I’m afraid that my Z-Stick will fail because in this case i would reinstall all the devices with a new Z-Stick from scratch…

but i have seen that there is a Windows application that help user to backup the storage of the Z-stick…

the question is: if I have the backup of the storage of Zstick and if i have a second Z-Stick (same brand and model), can i restore the content in the new zStick , connect this one to my HA installation and come back to use my configuration without reinstalling all the zwave devices?

is it correct?

Thanks a lot to all!


You should test it by getting a second zwave stick, restoring to it and see if it works.

There is also an NVM backup utility in HASS zwavejs

AFAIK this is only available within zwavejs UI, not the normal zwavjs.

Yes, that works for sure. I did it multiple times. Even between the gen5 and gen5+ stick versions.

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Thanks a lot for fast feedback!