Zwave+: Aetoech zw090 and Qubuino relays not secure included

Migrating from Razberry on an RPi to Proxmox on Intel Atom with Home Assistant. Has an AEOTECZ W090 USB stick (FW: v1.1, SDK: v4.54.0). In Homa Assistans I run Zwave JS MQTT. Trying to include a Zwave+ Qubino Flush 2 Relay ZMNHBD (FW: v1.2) but only succeeding including it as insecure, ie not with s0 encryption.

Succeeds of course in including other devices with s0 encryption, but not Qubino Flush 2 Relay. Also tried Qubino Flush 1 Relay. Anyone have any tips on how I can include them with s0 encryption?

I don’t think that model supports any security command classes. Do you have documentation that says they do? In other words, only insecure inclusion is supported.

Looking this old 1.4 manual and also the most recent manual, there is no mention of anything related to security.

Well, they are tagged with a sticker that says Zwave+ and when using Razberry and original (now deprecated) Z-Wave integration they were successfully included with s0-encryption.

Z-Wave Plus doesn’t mean anything with respect to S0 Security. S0 is not a requirement for a device to be Z-Wave Plus.

If you used zwave-js-ui to include, be sure to pick “S0 encryption”, and have the S0 key configured. If you are including with HA, be sure to click on “How do you want to add your device” to enter advanced inclusion and choose “Legacy Secure”. S0 encryption is not enabled for devices that are not recommended to be included that way.