Zwave alarm recognize problem

in previous i ask for help but now problem is sensor disappear ,is it possible once a device paired can be lost .
if yes then whats solution.
how can i check whats fault HA side or hardware side i am using aeotech USB for pairing it show fast signal when i try re pair.
so any solution ?

i try to re pair with again now it showing it as below picture

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and my alaram model is below one

any body confirm why its look like this when i first time add it show complete like batter sensor and alarm type 3 entity but now show some wrong info and also show as switch.
anybody please

It looks like that siren doesn’t yet have a configuration in OpenZWave, which if it does anything non-standard could be part of the issue. See here for more details.

I assume you’ve restarted HA since you paired the device? What entries are showing in your logs (particularly OZW_Log.txt) for the device?

thanks for help,first of all i want to clean up this mess then i want to try again how i can remove list of things
from HA so i can try again.
also can i add this device in openzwave panel so i can look what there ?
any suggestion will be helpful

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thats openzwave device detail 4 and 6 column show ?
please suggest solution

Removing Z-Wave devices is done by the remove option :wink: I don’t use the OZW control panel, so I’m afraid if you’re using that you’ll have to take a few seconds to find the option yourself.

As HA uses the OZW libraries, you can switch between them as long as you use the same configuration file for both, or you copy the configuration file between them as you make updates.

As for the picture, it shows that node 4 is dead - most likely you reset it and then re-added it, so it became node 6. Node 6 has the expected generic name, please read the links I previously posted.

thanks for reply ,
i checked it openzwave panel i see there only one option that i like switch on/off
so i dont know whats wrong first time when i added it then i can see on HA alarm type ,alarm state as well
alarm battery ,
Now its just showing its behaviour as switch.

so if u said i restart or reset what every wrong happen ,any way to get back.
also one question
should it has battery level entity as well ?
i never add alarm can u confirm what entity must have for zwave alarm device.

What I’m saying is that you have already reset it, which is why you have a dead node number 4.

There will be a separate device starting zwave that holds the zwave specific details, see the entities listed in the Zwave group.

No idea, never added one. I can see however that a generic siren like that may well be visible as a switch, since all you can do is switch it on and off.

thanks for your time i will see with vendor what they told about other function about this alarm.
have a nice day