Zwave and Openzwave

Hello All,

I have a questions about openzwave.
My setup is an Intel NUC with Home Assistant installed. I have a HUSBZB-1 stick for zwave/zigbee. My original install was the standard zwave. Then I purchased a couple of Inovelli switches and quickly realized that I needed openzwave to be able to use them fully. I struggled a bit to get it installed, but finally managed to get the addon up a running with the integration. However, I now have both zwave and openzwave running. However, when both are running my system lags a bit.
So I guess my question is should I only be running one or the other? The other problem is that openzwave doesn’t seem to recognize my aeotec wallmote. Plus the openzwave addon is still in beta mode and doesn’t feel stable. - but maybe that instability exists because they are both running.

No, you can’t use both at the same time.

Must this be: “no you can’t have them both running at the same zwave device/network”? You can perfectly have both running with different USB zwave contollers.

Of course.