Zwave and rebuilding hass

My Hass is runing in a virtual env. I have a USB Zwave control and many devices. If I rebuild hass or us image how easy is it to move to usb control over to it, will the paired zwave device come over with it

I did a similar thing and had no problems.
The devices were still included with the controller.

I moved Home Assistant to a new Installation with the same USB-Stick (AEON).

So I think it will be seamless.

I have fresh installed hass perhaps 7 or 8 times over the last month. I simply copy over my configuration to the new install and I am back to where I was.

Should be easy, but do note that there appears to be issues with some USB sticks running on an Intel NUC (I’m guessing you’re probably not though). If you’re running on a pi, you should be fine.

When I did this, I copied everything that was in the homeassistant directory to another system (ie my laptop). Then I installed hassio along with the Samba add-on. Then it was a simple matter of copying everything back to the /config share and restarting HA.

I was able to get this done, a few of my zwave devices are not completely recognized. Is it possible to update the zwave config file to new versions

One at a time, select each node in the control panel, Wake it if it’s battery powered, and select Heal Node in the control panel. Then wait 30 seconds and move to the next device.