Zwave association two switches controlling each other

I have two switches that I have controlling a lighting load. It appears to be a 3-way switch setup, but due to house wiring, I have implemented it in automations.
If one switch turns on, the automation turns on the other switch, and vice versa; and same for turning off.

I am thinking this would be better implemented in associations. Maybe slightly faster? and does not add to my list of automations (though still have to document and maintain it).
Do you agree?

Does anyone know -
Can a node control another node, but also be controlled by that controlled node?

"group": 2,
"target": "73"

"group": 2,
"target": "67"

The folks at Inovelli have determined that for their devices (grain of salt if different) this works:

  • Master dimmer added to group 2 and 4 of slave dimmer
  • Slave dimmer added to group 3 of master dimmer

Master is the switch with the load.

User experience may vary.

I confirmed with Zooz that this is not possible. I will stick with the automations.