Zwave associations (groups) in zwave2mqtt - not updating device status

Hi all - just migrated over to HA from Domoticz and having an issue with my Aeotec Nano Dimmer light switches. I have 3 nano dimmers that are not physically connected to switches, so have to be controlled through association or ‘groups’. I’ve added them in the zwave2mqtt control panel and the switches control the other lights as expected. However, when I turn one of these lights on, the status doesn’t get updated in HA. It does for all the switches controlled with physical buttons. Not sure if I’ve missed something in the configuration that I need to do. Any suggestions?

Have just answered my own question. Seems that the default for “Send Notifications to Associated Devices (Group 1)” [i.e. itself] is set to “Disabled” - changing this to “Multilevel Switch CC Report” got things working.

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 15.42.24

Thought I’d add this in case others may have same issue.