Zwave battery door sensor - recommendations please

What battery operated Zwave door contacts is everyone using? I’m using GoControl ones and they always give me trouble when I restart Hassio. Thanks

What kind of trouble? My Neo Coolcams sometimes disappear at reboot. They will always be in Initializing state for a long time but that is normal behaviour.

I am using Fibaro (Z wave) and Xiaomi (zigbee) they both work fine. I have never had problems with the reliability of the Fibaro sensors.

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I’m using the Fibaro sensors for our doors, works like a charm :slight_smile:

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I’m doing a lot of programming and I’ve rebooted hassio and everytime my GoControl battery door sensor don’t come up. I have to keep on opening up the case to wake them up, heal the node, test node. I’ll do this maybe a dozen times and wait over night still nothing. So I want to change them out. My zwave just doesn’t seam to start up good

I’m slowly switching over to Aqara ones with a conbee and deCONZ. They are much smaller and cheaper (£7) than zwave ones and are online much quicker on restart than my neo coolcam zwave ones.
I’ve just made some 3d printed cases to flush fit them in the tops of my wooden doors.
In my pvc windows/doors they are small enough to fit inside the frame so not visible at all when closed.

I usually just restore a snapshot and they will appear again. But I agree, it is a nuisance.

Is your power supply (more than) adequate and of good quality? And if you are using NUC, use the yellow USB port?

I’m running Debian 9, Docker and Hassio on a laptop using Aeotec usb zwave stick. The battery zwave devices just doesn’t come up good after Hassio restart. Those devices are all battery powered, motion and door sensors. All my zwave device have been included into the network by using the zwave interface within Hassio, not by the include mode of the Aeotec zwave stick