Zwave between 2 buildings

I have two buildings I want to connect via Zwave and have a question on the best approach.

  1. The distance between two zwave devices would be about 50ft and have to go through a metal wall and wood wall on the other side. Based on distance would it just work? If not, should I put a zwave plug on the outside of both buildings so the devices can see each other and connect?

  2. Is the better approach to install a separate instance of zwave js in the other building with it’s own controller?

Any thoughts on this topic?

Search is your friend - Z-Wave mesh range comes up a LOT:

Thanks @FloatingBoater will do a better job of searching. Attempted was looking at wrong terms. Appreciate the feedback and yes I don’t want to create waste when the answer is already out there.

It’s easy to find stuff when you already know it’s there! :slight_smile:

TL;DR - If you have mains power at the edges of the gap, test two IKEA cheap plugs (or more), otherwise try separate Z-Wave networks (plus WLAN backhaul). Mesh needs many small nodes.

Z-Wave LR Long Range exists, but it’s a different system which is not mesh:

What are IKEA plugs (Zigbee) going to do to improve Z-Wave range ?

:person_facepalming: Darn - keep mixing Z-Wave and Zigbee (use lots of both here)!

%s/IKEA Zigbee/Fibaro Z-Wave/g

The intent was placing two decent but cheap two repeaters at the closest locations between the gap is a simple test of mesh range in free air.