Zwave breaks when upgrading

I’m pretty new at this Home Assistant stuff, so I apologize if this is obvious. I feel like I’ve searched and done my homework enough and I’m coming up empty.

When I recently upgarded to 2021.11 from 2021.9, none of the zwave devices are working. The Z-Wave JS integration has an error: Retrying setup: Z-Wave JS Server version is incompatible: 1.10.4 a version is required that supports at least api schema 10.

From googling around and it seems that my Z-Wave JS to MQTT is out of date (0.25.1 when 0.30.0 is available). I’m using the odroid and installed Z-wave JS to MQTT using the Supervisor. I understand it is just a docker container and i could probably easily restart the container with an updated image, but that seems unwise. Supervisor doesn’t report that there is a new version available, so I’m not sure the best route to make the upgrade happen. Any suggestions? Thanks

Reload the addon store: Supervisor → Add-on Store → … → Reload. An update to the add-on should be available.

Also make sure you didn’t remove the Community add-on repository: Supervisor → Add-on Store → … Repositories. “Home Assistant Community Add-ons” should be listed.

Somehow I was missing the repository. Thanks