Zwave Climate Valve with external Thermostat Control?


For my Heating Control I have several Spirit Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Heating Valves (Link) in place.

Now I need to control one of them with an external Room Thermostat, so I bought also a Z-Wave devolo room thermostat (link). My problem now is, that I have no clue how I can combine this or set it in relation.

Anyone of you have an idea or some tips how I could do that?


No one? :frowning:

Not sure I follow what you are asking. Correct me if I don’t have this right:

Some (all?) of your radiators have independent Z-Wave thermostats.
One of your radiators needs to be controlled via Room thermostat.

Questions for you:

  • do any of the radiator thermostats control the boiler at all, or do they just turn the water flow off/on?
  • am I correct that the room thermostat is trying to control one or more radiators that actually have thermostats themselves?
  • does the room thermostat control the boiler? (Here I am assuming it probably does?)

I have a hot water system with 4 zones, but no radiator thermostats, so it’s easier.

I’m guessing here (and will refine my answer based on your answers to my questions) but here’s what I would consider.

  • monitor all thermostats normally, including operating state (i.e. if the thermostat is calling for heat)
  • if you need any thermostats to coordinate (i.e. if the room thermostat comes on, turn on the radiator, or vice versa) use automation triggered by the appropriate operating state to change the dependent thermostat’s setpoint to trigger it turning on / off

Hope this helps, as I said I’m only kind of guessing.