Zwave device added to network but does not show up in home assistant

I am trying to add a GE Zwave Dimmer. I have maybe 6 of these around the house working fine in HA. This one shows up in the zwave logs and looks fine. However it does not show up in the node list under zwave config. It also doesn’t show up under the states page in HA. I have tried removing it from zwcfg*.xml and letting it be re-added. It re-adds fine but still doesn’t show in HA. I have tried restarting HA several times without success. I have tried adding it through HA, and by taking my aeotec z-stick to the device and adding it that way. No success either way.

Update : I gave up on this started working on adding a second roomba to HA. Rebooted a couple more times getting that done, and now this device is showing up in HA. Strange Behavior.