ZWave Device Firmware Version

I am trying to figure out the firmware version of my Aeotec 7 multi sensor. the ZwaveJS2MQTT ui says “FW: v1.3”, “SDK: v7.12.2”. However this is not the firmware version of the Aeotec 7 device itself but rather the firmware version of the Zwave chip on the device I believe.

The actual firmware version is from Aeotec’s perspective is 1.03. I can see that using Simplicity Studio. Is there anyway to view the firmware version of the Aeotec 7 multisensor - i.e. the 1.03 value from home assistant?

The reason I ask is that I can’t tell if the device is up to date or it needs a firmware update without starting up Simplicity Studio, which is a lot of work. OTA updates do appear to work but I can’t tell if they actually work without using Simplicity Studio to verify the firmware version.

I may have missed it and this is covered somewhere, but I can’t find it.


Well, that’s the firmware version right there. 1.03 and 1.3 are the same thing.

the ZwaveJS2MQTT ui said “FW: v1.3” both before and after the update from version 1.02 to 1.03.

Where did you get the “1.02” version number from?

I had updated the firmware using Simplicity Studio to 1.02 earlier in May, then they came out with a new version at the end of May (1.03) - which I updated OTA and then verified with Simplicity Studio.

I also have several Aeotec Range Extenders which all show “FW: v1.3”, but their real Aeotec firmware version is 1.03 or 1.04 or 1.05

Update Range Extender 7 V1.05 : Aeotec Help Desk (

Can you clarify specifically what you are seeing in PC Controller? What field is the version coming from?

In zwavejs2mqtt there’s a Version CC panel with potentially many versions. Does that show anything that you are expecting?

I just updated OTA one of the Range extenders which was showing “FW: v1.3”. I watched the log and it completed transferring all of the fragments, but the node did not return to life. I think maybe it got reset completely in the update process and forgot that it was connected to home assistant.

I included it again without a problem and now it shows FW: v1.5 SDK: v7.15.4. The version showing in zwavejs2mqtt changed from 1.3 to 1.5.

You are correct that v1.3 is really the Aeotec version 1.03, and v1.5 is the Aeotec version 1.05.

The version panel shows [71-134-0-firmwareVersions] Z-Wave chip firmware versions [“1.5”]

For whatever reason the 1.0x version changes to 1.x version. Now that I know how the version numbers show up I am all set.

Thanks for your help!

I just noticed there is a cool UI element showing the progress of the firmware update in the place where the version number shows in the Z-Wave JS Control Panel - a partial circle with the percent done in the middle.