Zwave device - issue - Dead

sometimes when i power off zwave device for some time … and afterwards power it on … it shows as DEAD, when i execute ping it immediately goes to Online

any idea why is it happening and is there a way to prevent that, ie somehow schedule some regular ping or some health check?


The way I understand it, If you are powering the device down for a while, then it’s going to show up as dead until the device communicates again.

An automation to periodically refresh might help, using the ZWAVE_JS.REFRESH_VALUE service

I wouldn’t run it too often though as it creates zwave traffic

Also, what is the device? There could be a config Parameter to change that might impact status updates.

Yeah, don’t power down your devices. They can’t be smart devices if they are off…

yes thats the issue

sometimes you get power cut etc… so its hard to prevent that scenario.

hi, the device is
by Qubino

there is no REFRESH_VALUE option in config of the device


If the power is lost to the device, wouldn’t your machine running Home Assistant also lose power? I’d imagine by the time it reboots it would then attempt to re-establish communication with the device and everything should continue along fine.

Planning for automatic recovery from power outages is an important part of configuring a smart home. My Home Assistant machine is on an APC UPS backup. The APC battery is integrated to Home Assistant with a Network UPS Tools (NUT) server and NUT integration. That way, I can monitor the device for power outages and restoration. When power is restored, automations then run to make sure everything is working and in the right state (door locked if we are away, lights on at night, etc).

If power is being cut from your device but not the whole house, that should be resolved as pointed out above as you want the device to stay on as much as possible. That could be achieved by either hard wiring the switch so it stays on, or if there is a wall switch a simple cover like this should discourage anyone from manually turning it off.

Or this if you still want manual control at the switch - I have a few of these and they can be directly associated to other zwave devices, or you can create automations with the buttons. They mount on the switch and cover the switch up nicely so no one can turn the switch off