Zwave devices have renamed/reset themselves

For absolutely no rational reason all my Z-wave devices have re-named themselves back to their default names. The amount of time I am spending just to keep this system running is a joke. Any ideas as to why it has done this before I put HA to rest?

Did you perform an HA version upgrade or make any other changes?

Hi, nothing that I can think of that would have caused such a dramatic change. Had migrated from an AIO to Hassbian install a day earlier and was working ok, quite sluggish however, with a few random things happening with switches turning on and the status of some battery powered devices not showing correct status. Was doing a re-discover within Alexa at the time when it seemed to happen, but surely this was coincidental. Can only think the migration from Zwave to Hassbian was the problem…copying the xml files.

What version were you on with the AIO install?

The hassbian install will default to the latest when you run it. There were some changes to zwave naming a few versions back.

AIO was on 54.0 from the day it was released and was working fine, I can only think the copying of the xml files was the issue, but took a day to cause the issues. Does Zwave running a periodic healing process causing this?

Yes every night 12 its in the docs