Zwave devices marked as dead if without power for too long

I noticed this the other day when I switched my outlet connector for the xmas lights. I unplugged it to move it and I left it unplugged for hours while we got our tree and when we got back and I plugged it back in it was dead (as reported in hass). I got it working again after healing and testing the network over and over but today I did some electrical work on half the house so the breaker was off for 2 hours and when I was done a few nodes (powered lights) were dead. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to fix this easily?

Select the dead node and refresh device in the zwave control panel and it will come back.

no way to prevent it. It’s part of Z Wave. The only way I have been able to “fix” it is by healing the network and refreshing the node a couple times. Physically interacting with the switch/light and its action button will do the same.