Zwave devices use default values from config.xml when started

That’s a bit of a problem when you are trying to analyze data (and trust the data) .
When I restart hass, for instance the pool temperature sensor takes some time to connect to Zwave stick and before that, hass queries the sensor values from Zwave. Because the actual sensor is still offline, Zwave uses values from config.xml. The values in config.xml are the values the last time I used OZWCP because it saves config.xml, hass does not. I guess hass saves config.xml only when something has been actually changed by the user. The sensor values are not that kind of data. (This might be also how open-zwave lib works)

I can try to circumvent this problem by manually entering some default value (-50C) to config.xml and then filter the data afterwards but it would be better that hass only works with real data, not some default read from config.xml.

It seems that the problem only occurs if I do a shutdown or reboot of my machine.
To prevent the problem I always stop the hass service with:

sudo systemctl stop home-assistant.service

before doing a reboot or shutdown.
In my hass configuration folder there is a file called zwcfg_0xd34d7c88.xml.
I noticed that after stopping the home-assistant service the file is updated with the last z-wave sensor values. And after starting the home-assistant service again the values are reused.

Please give it a try.

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Might be the reason, have to check it out.
I’ve been restarting the hass service quite a lot, but it seems it does not stop properly but has to be killed.

Got the same error today. If i replace my zwcfg*.cfg with the one of ozcp it worked fine again.

I think that the AIO install syncs this automatically, but I broke it. I now always copy my zwcfgXXX.xml over to my HASS directory as soon as I close OZW.

I keep a text file open in Notepad++ with various notes I make for myself. In my “add a zwave device” list, I end with:

cp /srv/hass/src/open-zwave-control-panel/zwcfg_0xc28fd2ed.xml /home/hass/.homeassistant/zwcfg_0xc28fd2ed.xml

I just copy/paste that into my SSH session.

I do not used the AOI Installer. Installed it manually on Ubuntu 16.04.

I’ll think till the 0.30 Version it workes fine and nothing changed the zwcfg*.xml after a system reboot. A normal hass reboot via the webfrontend did not change anything at all. If i kill the process the same. Just at a system reboot.