Zwave dimmer paired with zwave bulbs

First post - be patient, I’m just getting my feet wet with Home Assistant while migrating from Smartthings :slight_smile:

I have a GoControl RA45110 virtual 3-way dimmer - it has power but controls nothing directly. There’s a “scene 001” and “scene 002” control, which is basically on/off, no other useful configurations.

I have a pair of Linear LB60Z-1 dimmable bulbs that I’d like to control with the dimmer. They have a dimming speed and dimming step configuration - but when I try to change them in the configuration they revert to baseline. They also have a configuration for initial brightness level (full or previous).

In Smartthings (prior to the edge driver implementation), I was able to directly associate the dimmer with the bulbs, allowing me to dim/brighten/on/off by pressing/holding, etc. I gather there are no associations like this in Home Assistant so I cannot associate them directly?

I am able to set up simple automations to link the button and turn the lights on and off. I am kinda able to set up a sort of “hold key up/down and get a step bright/dim”, but nothing smooth like I had in Smartthings and brightness tends to jump or turn off - and it’s making me regret migrating these particular items from Smartthings because I’m going to lose WAF over this for sure.

Is there something I’m overlooking, or a way to set this up to behave as it did in Smartthings? I’m awful with yaml (but know how to access and can copy/paste), the visual editors have really made HA accessible for me, but I still don’t fully understand the automation chains (building blocks, etc.).

Thank you in advance!

If the parameters don’t get set, then the device probably doesn’t support it. Could be an error in the Z-Wave JS device database, or a problem with distinguishing firmware versions. Neither the ZWA DB (and the user manual there) nor OpenHAB show these as valid parameters.

HA doesn’t support associations, you have to use Z-Wave JS UI.

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Appreciate the help. That was a bit of a learning curve, but I got it sorted.

First had to migrate from official zwave JS to JS UI, which took a couple of tries, then had to figure out how to make associations.

Marriage saved!

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