Zwave disaster

Hi. I had OZW, controlled by Aeotec ZW5 stick, working fine for a while with random crashes every week or so. Three days ago i have updated my HassOS and Hass supervisor to birthday releases and suddenly Zwave stopped working completely. OZW log shows a lot of errors, timeouts, “Unexpected response not received” and “Not enough space in stream buffer” errors.
I have blamed the update, so i downgraded HassOS back to the previous version, but this has not helped. I was not able to downgrade the supervisor though.
I took my stick out of HA machine, inserted it into my PC and run Aeotec IMATool test - it started fine, but after checking first 9 nodes it suddenly started showing timeouts. I have backed up my stick (without any errors) and restored the eeprom on my backup stick, unfortunately still doesnt complete IMA tool test and im getting same errors in OZW.
Im really desperate to find a solution, anyone has any ideas what’s the issue?

Try cleaning up the MQTT topic /OpenZWave/1/ after stopping the OZW addon. Then restart MQTT addon. After its cleaned and restarted fire up your OZW addon and see what happens.

Hi Rick. Thanks for your reply, it sounds like a good idea, although at this moment i dont think it has anything to do with HA.
I have found a third stick (which i replaced few months ago - its was missing around 30-40 nodes compared to the current setup), run IMATool full test - went fine, uploaded the backup of my new stick - and all nodes with IDs higher than 9 fail :frowning:

Any clue on what devices nodes 9 and 10 (I guess?) are? Are they battery operated or mains powered?

Mains powered binary switches, 9 is on, 10, 11, 12 are missing (disconnected).
When im running IMATool test on my older backup it takes some time for this to timeout (it shows several attempts to connect to each, each one time outs after 7000ms) and smoothly proceeds with the rest of the nodes.
On the new backup though, it just starts skipping nodes with timeout message, much less verbose, and carries on with the rest of the nodes.
I think that somehow the eeprom got corrupted and will need to rebuild the network from my old backup, whats going to be a huge pain, but i learned a lesson to back up my stick regularly in the future