ZWave door sensor

Hi all, I have an AEON Labs ZW089 Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 Sensor. I have it paired to an AEON Labs ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 US running on rpi3 and HASS.IO. I have been fighting with it for a while, but I can finally see it. However, I see two entities, one binary sensor and one zwave entity (?). I am expecting the binary sensor to be on or off depending on if the door is open. But it just always shows ON. Is there another way to watch this? I just want in indicator on my board to show if the door is left open.

The z-wave entity you can think of as the physical device and the binary sensor is the status. The binary sensor should be changing although you may want to check the settings of it by going to Configuration / z-wave / select the node from the drop-down menu / see what options you have in the drop-down node config menu

Thanks. Thats what I was expecting to see also. But the binary sensor is not changing at all.

I just got more info directly from Aeotec. They said that the Binary Sensor is tied to “tilt” sensor only.
Notification Report is used for the main Open/Close states. This seems a little odd to me but I am trying to figure out how to work with it. I was hoping to just be able to see current status, but is appears that the sensor is sleeping and unresponsive unless something happens, then it just triggers. but if the controller misses that trigger, then what?

You need to change a parameter (121: Report Type) to something else… “Sensor binary report”, I think. If you search the forum for parameter 121, you’ll probably come across other people having had the same issue.

What is the query stage value of the zwave entity? Sounds like not all of the entities have been discovered. If so, you can try pressing the include button a few times on the device until they are discovered.