Zwave entities controlled by physical hue bridge

Previously used emulated hue to have my Harmony Companion remote be able to control my zwave lights. The remote has some buttons that are dedicated and limited to Hue. With the emulated hue i could expose specific zwave entities to get this to work.

However the emulated hue is very inconsistent and often fails / completely unresponsive.

So I got a physical Hue Hub that I thought would be a more reliable replacement for the same thing.
However, searching the forums I am starting to question if it is possible to expose zwave entities to the physical hub in the same way? Getting Hue lights to show in HA works. But I am interested in the other direction, seeing HA entities in the Hue. I can’t find any config file for the hue hub even and searching the forums just gets hits on either emulated hue or hue lights in HA.

Is this possible? If so how? :blush:

Really doubt you’ll be able to do that. The Hue Hub is a closed source proprietary device. It’s used to connect and manage their Hue devices, not 3rd party items. In addition the Hue hub uses the Zigbee protocol not Zwave. Without using some other emulation it’s likely out of the question.

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Kind of what I suspected after reading the forums. Didn’t really think that far ahead, just took for granted that the HA integration would allow to expose other entities almost like a built in emulation.

Hmm emulated roku seems limited for my remote as well.

Using a conbee ii stick, would this yield the same result? it would still be zwave vs zigbee protocol. Or can HA relay communication between conbee and aeotec zwave-stick?