Zwave Entities Lost Node Name

My z-wave devices seem to have suddenly lost their node names. For example, I had renamed one entity to light.table_lamp_level from its intial node name of light.linear_lb60z1_dimmable_led_light_bulb_level . This was working well and good for the past few months, but all of the sudden seems to have reverted to its old node name, in doing so making havoc of my configuration.

As far as I know, I didn’t induce any changes before this issue emerged. Earlier this evening I split out my configuration to include a secret.yaml file, but my system was working fine after that. I’ve reverted just to be sure, but the problem still exists.

I’m running 0.56.2 and have been since its release, and have been running at most one release behind for the past few months.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on, and how to fix this? Help please!

Edit: I see that my zwcfg_blahblah.xml was last modified tonight at 9:20pm… which I think is odd given that I haven’t added/removed any nodes recently? Is that true? Also… my only backups of this file are in my .img’s. Is there any way to recover just this .xml from the .img if that would be the fix?

The zwcfg_*.xml file, which holds the node names, is only written on shutdown. If something interrupts that process then you’ll lose your names.

As for your backups, you don’t say how you take them, so it’s impossible for us to know what format they’re in. If you were to tell us the commands you use to create the images, we might be able to tell you how to extract a single file. While you’re doing that, maybe it’s time to consider using rsnapshot or rclone to create file based backups?

I make an image of the entire SD card by putting it into my pc and using win32disk imager. I have file based backups of most config files (configuration, know_devices, html_push,etc…) but zwcfg was an oversight!

I ended up just renaming everything back. I assume that if I had a backup of that file, fixing it would have been as simple as reverting to my backup while home assistant was shut down?

Yes, if you’d something other than a full disk image it would have been trivial to recover. Have a look at my suggestions for backups here.

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