Zwave feedback on HA


I installed home assistant on a raspberry pi with a zwave Razberry2 module.

Here is what I installed for my tests:
OpenZWave + Mosquitto brocker
Qubino zwave din rail dimmer (ZMNHSD01)
Push switch

I don’t get any feedback when I flip the switch.
When I press the switch, the bulb lights up but HA indicates that it is off.
When I click in HA to turn on the bulb, it’s OK. The bulb is on and HA says it is on. If I turn it off with the switch, HA keeps saying the bulb is on!

Thank you


Have you included secure or insecure? Try insecure. Some (older firmware) lack instant status updates with secure inclusion.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll try (I have to find out how :sweat_smile: )

I just realized that the razberry2 module is not seen as “z-wave Plus” in Openzwave and HA.

Maybe the problem is also there!

Don’t think so… I have aeotec gen5 alsow zwave plus not showing… think that’s a flaw.

Exclude your device and include again (but then unsecure)

Thank you

But I don’t know where to include in unsecure mode.
There is no option and now I don’t know if my Qubino is in secure or unsecure mode :thinking:

That screenshot if you press include you can choose

Ha ok, sorry, I was using the HA interface and not in Openzwave.

But, unsecure or secure, it doesn’t change anything.

In Openzwave I have a “Value changed” when I click on the Switch in HA but not when I use the physical switch. It’s really curious :thinking:

When I google this I get 2 hits… what device do you have?

edit: ZMNHSD1 ?

Can you see any referral to “status” update or "lifeline group? Does ozw see the “status update”?

In Node Status, I see “Last Send” and “Last Recieved” update when I click in HA but not updated when I use the physical switch.

Then the physical switch is not sending an update to ozw and thus not hass.

this can be multiple things:
1 - defective item
2 - incorrect “lifeline” to controller
3 - some sort of configuration parameter you need to set
4 - firmware issue on your qubino (unlikely)
5 - not a proper integration in ozw (likely :-()

More info on your parameters:


Maybe the paramter 5?

optionally make an association (group 2 to controller)?
But this should already be ok with group 1 - lifeline.

That’s all i have to add…

3 - some sort of configuration parameter you need to set
5 - not a proper integration in ozw (likely :-()

I don’t know what Lifeline is but i’m new to zwave.
2 - incorrect “lifeline” to controller

I’ll see if I can do a firmware update.

I also notice that when I click in HA, the green LED of the Razberry2 blink but not when I use the physical switch.

I just installed the software from “”. No problem with the feedback.

The problem must come from:
Configuration parameter
Not a proper integration in ozw


hello has someone found a solution to get a status feedback from the Qubino module with the physical switches? I cannot find a solution despite my research. it seems to work under jeedom, so i think there is a solution with hass. but which ? :slight_smile: