ZWAVE Fibaro double click scene

Hi. Yesterday came 800Z-Wave ZOOZ stick . By the way , by mistake I ordered US version :slight_smile: stupid me. Luckily change of radio was soooooooo easy. I bought this stick to check if can I resign from Fibaro HC3. Instlation of Z-Wave JS UI was easy. I have one not connected fibaro walli switch , so i could test. Test was positive. All entities was cresated without problem. Configuration panel let me change everything like in HC3. Problem is that on HC3 I have very simple scenes. For e4xample click button 1 2x switch on zigbee floor lamp. It works without problems. Here i tried to create such an automation and i stuck. I have no idea about coding and i used scenes + automations. I crested scene turn on and turn off floor zigbe lamp, I set in fibaro [3-112-0-40-2] Key S1 Central Scene: Pressed 2x as ENABLED and the same with Key S2. and i have no idea how to create automation. When I put trigger Device Fibaro Walli set KeyS1 from disable do enabled nothing happens. Probably I to big noob and it should be easy. All my presence sensors scenes AQARA with Fibaro entities and zigbee entities work without any issues. Here I have no idea what to do.

If you set your trigger type to DEVICE and select your Z-Wave device from the list it should automatically display a list of scene values for you to set as your trigger.

Oh my god iā€™m so bloody stupid. You was obviously right. thx