Zwave Fibaro Wall Plug

I am swtiching from another solution to HA.
In my old world I added some channel so I can have the LED colorring as “entity” and use them in automations.
e.g. open window = blue
Can this be done in HA also?

You do not say what integration you are using. I can think of 4 possible integration combinations,

I see you found the openHAB database, Did you check the zwavejs device database?

I am using Zwave JS …
I also seen the database. But I think its not a config parameter topic.
The above screenshot means that in the other solution the config parameters for “illumination on and off” are additonally exposed as a Entity and can be used in automations.
So chaning the value of the entity changes the parameter and the plug e.g. turns blue etc.

There could very well be an issue in their device database. I know I had to correct one of my devices.
Support is handled through the node-zwavejs github repo. You could open a discussion there.

If i get time I may try to research the differences too although I do not have that product. Much like the other database, this one is community maintained but, I believe with a larger group of maintainers. Other than the developer, I was the only active reviewer over there until I decided to try to come back here.

EDIT: I do not see then setting channels in their device database but they have 2 devices in the same entry. That may be part of the issue. It was part of the other issue I found & corrected although mine was a configuration parameter issue.

Please open a discussion here. Perhaps they are not correctly parsing the device NIF (Node Information Frame) which contains the capabilities known by the device firmware.