ZWave Inclusion repeats inclusion mode multiple times

When performing inclusion using the latest version of ZWave JS UI, the add-on seems to loop when the inclusion process should end and provide the prompt that a new device has been added.

Instead, it returns to the screen prompting for security info and starts the inclusion process over again, each time timing out since there is nothing in inclusion mode for it to include a “second” time.

Reviewing the ID’s of devices shows a new device with ID that had been created and it’s works/functions as should as far as I can tell.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this same issue ?

Yes I had this same issue at first: my (first) device kept on being included again without ending… This happened in the Z-Wave JS UI Control Panel (I didn’t make the integration in Home Assistant yet). But after generating the Network Security Keys in the Z-Wave JS UI Settings, everything went to normal and I could remove all the superfluous entries with ‘Remove Failed Nodes’ :slight_smile:
This setting of the Security Keys is mentioned in the ‘Minimum settings’ in the Z-Wave JS UI/Quick Start

I’m talking about the security settings for the node that is being included, not the Network Security when setting up ZWave JS UI. I’ve had Zwave JS UI setup since the name change, and Zwave2MQTT for a year, so my config was stable.

When you start the inclusion of a none, lets say a switch that S2 security capability, if you select that or NONE (meaning no security inclusion for the node), the inclusion process loops and returns to the security screen constantly, where it should finish the inclusion of that node and display a screen that “a new node has been included”.

And every day I’m seeing 3 or more devices go dead! This just started happening. I think it’s time to roll back, something is wrong.

Okay, then I had the same effect (as mentioned in your subject) but for an other reason apparently. Everything seems to function normally on my side now