Zwave issue on fresh install

Slight issue with a new install of HA. I had to rebuild my install due to an sdcard failure. I know…make backups next time…


In getting my zwave back up and running, I’ve run into an issue where the entities are not being named correctly. In my last install the zwave.(friendlyname) created an entity called switch.friendlyname

This time however, I get entities called switch.switch1. and switch.switch2


Under the zwave control panel it shows that entity named right. But its not in my list and I can’t display it in my groups.


What Did I miss?

two words - entity registry…

it’s causing lots of confusion. search the forums and you will find lots of threads.

I found a solution, but Im not sure if its the right one. For now it works.

I deleted all the zwave entries in the entity_registry file and then restarted HA. It brought in the correctly named entities after that.