Zwave issues migrating Fibaro -> Hassio

Hi all,

New on the Hassio forums. Intro will take place another time another forums part.
Recently I decided to go multi-protocol in my domotics and I’m in the midst of having my zigbee2mqtt running and now porting over fibaro to hassio.

I had Fibaro HC2 running since 2013, but Hassio has a lot more features and a more open system, so I’m moving on. Now that Fibaro addin was cute, but I somehow couldn’t work my devices into automations so I bought myself a UZB (firmware 5.27) and took the looooooong road to hell and back to get that device included as a controller in the current Fibaro network.

Now that I have this and apparently the Zwave stick is SUC/SIS it automagically started recognizing devices… yet not all, yet some half, yet some are split across duplicate entires, yet some … :man_facepalming:.

Who here has been through like the same experience and is willing to help me with some pointers. I noticed I also had some stale devices I need to remove from the network, but I can’t find a proper way of doing this in Hassio (and as Fibaro is no longer a primary controller, it’s not allowed to remove devices from the network.)

Example, my FGK101 sensors have a:

  • magnet sensor
  • Dallas temp sensor (optional feature)
  • battery level
  • physical sensor (not when having a dallas temp sensor)

Apparently they show up as 2 separate devices, how do I handle this?
Devices view:

Can I somehow merge these back into 1 device?

The same seems to apply to various:

  • FGS221 Double Relay Switch 2x1.5kW
  • FGS221 Switch 3kW

Up to even 6 devices for:

  • Greenwave PowerNode 6 Port

As I am (new user) bound to 1 picture per device… details of device 1:

As I am (new user) bound to 1 picture per post*… details of device 2:

Take a look at

And search for similar threads they all contain good info

Thank for the encouraging words in the other thread. So basically be patient and eventually magic might happen… or not. I have various devices I see flying by properly in the OZW logs, but I’ve not been able to get them into hassio.

I guess I’ll have to wait and focus on zigbee2mqtt for now. That is responsive & accurate.