ZWave JS + Aeotec Multi-Sensor - Slow Reporting

Been on SmartThings for years w/out issue w/ my ZWave / Zigbee network. Recently took the plunge and moved everything over to ZWaveJS w/in HA using a ZW090 by AEON Labs (Gen5+).

Took a bit, but everything seemed to transition ok. One issue I’ve seen is extremely slow reporting from a handful of Aeotec 6-in-1 MultiSensors. Trying to figure out how to update some parameters I found here (

I’ve tried:

service: zwave_js.set_config_parameter
  parameter: "42"
  value: "3"
  device_id: 3067a8cb522481d91101c55657bxxxx

But this results in errors:

Thx in advance for any help

Considering this should be a one time event, You don’t need a service call if you don’t want… Just go to the device page.then click configure. All of the exposed params should be there.

42 shows for mine.

Ahhh! I re-interviewed the device and now all the parameters appear. Before this it was only #9.

Was about to go down the MQTT/UI rabbit hole.

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