Zwave JS change Entity ID

I’ve started bringing over my zwave devices from ST and noticed that some of my devices have weird icons. I have zwave switches and dimmers to control my lights. The switches that are dimmers have an entity id of light: but my regular switches have an entity id of switch: It will not let me change the entity id. Only the icon symbol to a light bulb. I have tried hass:lightbulb and mdi:lightbulb. But the icon will not change when the switch is turned ON like the dimmer switches do. Is there anyway to change the entity id or make the icon change when the switch is turned OFF or ON???

Not sure if this is what you mean, but in the lovelace configuration, you can toggle “color icons based on state” to on. That way they will be yellow when they are on, and blue when off

You can press the pencil on the right side of the entity and you will get this as well.

You can change the name on lovelace and change the icon. I have some switches that are to ceiling fans and so have changed them.

Okay found that in lovelace and my cards changed. But in configuration/devices they do not change from blue to yellow for the devices that I changed the icon. When trying to make scenes the icon is blue whether it the device is ON or OFF on the devices that I have changed the icon on. This has gotten me more then once thinking the scene will turn OFF a device and the device is actually ON when I save the scene so when the scene runs it turns the device ON not OFF like I want it to.

I do not know of a way to get the switch icon to change in config → devices. It does not work for switch but works for sensor. and light. so this could be a bug???

Is it because switches don’t always control lights???

Someone who knows HA much better may need to weigh in here.

You can change icon of entity in Configuration - Devices and select the device. Under it, you will see entities. If you change icon there, it will be that icon that will be used if you use entity in some lovelace card. But switch is a switch. For instance, on my fibaro switches, entity representing switch one - you can change default lightning icon to bulb, and if I use it in lovelace entity card, it is yellow when turned on, or grey if turned off (depending on the lovelace card)
You might also look at Configuration - Customizations, but it won’t let you change switch to other device class (other than switch or outlet for instance). But this is handy if you have for instance window/door sensor and you want to change icon when opened/closed (to window, door, garage gate, …)

It must be a bug because the default icon doesn’t change to yellow either on any other device just the default light bulb.

Switch is a switch doesn’t make sense. Because my dimmer switches show up as a light as default. And in configuration/devices the icon changes to a yellow depending on the dim level. It is even showing the correct manufacture and model for the switches. I could understand the switches I have plugged into an outlet not letting me change them to a light (maybe) but a light switch should allow me to change it. Will be interesting to see what happens when I bring over my fan dimming switches this weekend.

Thanks for the info on configuration/customizations that will come in handy.

This means the “domain” of a device, once it comes in as a switch, stays a switch, ie switch.christmas_tree can’t be turned into light.christmas_tree.

See this post and thread, there is a way to make a new “light” entity from a switch.

For zwave, the zwavejs integration will bring the device in with the domain switch or light automatically as defined in the code, without giving the user really an option to change it. A dimmer is assumed to only dim lights, so it will be a light. On/off will generally be a switch. Lights and switches are different integrations, that have different options and behaviors.

Another option is to use zwavejs2mqtt, and then with mqtt you can write your own template to define the device’s domain however you want.