ZWave JS Disappeared!

So I just noticed that my ZWaveJS integration is gone. I think it may have happened when I upgraded the core and supervisor to the latest versions a few days ago.

I moved over to ZWave JS a while back when I read that it was going to be no longer supported. My old ZWave config was still in my yaml but the latest version doesn’t like that.

I tried reloading a backup to the last time I knew it was working, last week. The backup restored successfully but the ZWaveJS integration still isn’t there. I’m 100% certain it was working last week.

Have I lost all of my ZWave config or is there a way for me to get it back?

Zwavejs was breaking change for 2022.6 I believe.

You may need to update zwavejs

Sounds like you were not using zwavejs and using the old zwave integration.

Check your Add-on: Settings / Add-ons and look for Z-Wave JS. Not there? Add it. There? Crack it open and see if it’s crashed / needs updating / needs to be started / needs configuration. Then pop back and check if the Integration is there, and what state it’s in.

100% was using ZwaveJS. I migrated from open Zwave a long while back.

2022.6 did have a breaking change. But all it said ZwaveJS needed to be on the latest version. Its possible mine wasn’t. But I don’t think that should have made the entire integration disappear.

I did check the add-ons. It was no longer there. But all of my old entities were there, just listed as not available. Thankfully I don’t have a ton of Zwave stuff so I just re-installed the add on, renamed all of the entities to match my old setup, and reconfigured my dashboards and automations. It was a pain in the ass but it’s working again. I couldn’t imagine if I had 100’s of Zwave devices like some people do.

Generally the integration is unavailable if version is too low. Show with red exclamation mark. This is with docker + integration but not sure if addon has different result. Reinstall would bring it to latest version.

Understood. The first thing I did was reinstall hoping it would start working again but it didn’t. It installed fine but it didn’t have any configuration and no entities. :confused: